Digging into Dining delves deep into Philly’s kitchens and dining scene. It’s an insiders’ conversation about current trends and controversies in kitchens – and how these impact and reach the dining public.

Jill Weber, our host,  is a professional archaeologist and restaurateur. A nomad at heart, she sought a career that would allow her to travel, which led to earning a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1992, Jill has worked in Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Oman, Iraq, and Italy – and longs to return to Syria.  Along the way, she gained an intimate knowledge of these countries, their cultures, and native cuisines, which inspired her to open a restaurant back in Philly. She is now the proud founder of Sojourn Philly, consisting of restaurants Jet Wine Bar, Rex 1516, Café Ynez, and (soon!) Sor Ynez.

Jill, aka the Wining Archaeologist, is passionate about travel, culture, history, and wine – and sharing them with others. She combines these loves through wine tastings at Jet Wine Bar, with themes ranging from Spartacus, to Field Blends, to Lucy Lawless.

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Lari Robling, our executive producer, is a food writer, independent radio producer and champion of the home cook.

She’s a James Beard Foundation nominee and board member of Philly Wine Week. When not in the kitchen, she can be found in the company of bad dogs and obstreperous Phillies fans.

Follow her wine adventures on Instagram @soiopenedthis

Jason Miller, aka “j the audiophile”, our beat maker and mixer, was born in Paterson, NJ (home of former New York Football Giant Victor Cruz), raised in Beach Haven, and is now residing in Philadelphia; he is an avid vinyl enthusiast. What started as a love for hip hop production quickly blossomed into an undying appreciation for vinyl culture.  Between collecting, producing, and djing j the audiophile is a true steward of the culture. Find more beats by j here.

and you can recognize him at the Rex 1516 bar – drinking a Weller, neat, and with easily the world’s best sweater collection – Jill